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Indian Rescuers Deliver Medication to 40 Tunnel Workers Trapped for 4 Days.

The drilling pace to reach them was hindered by natural causes, but officials are actively pursuing the rescue efforts with a sense of urgency.

by Jamsheera
Tunnel workers trapped

On Wednesday, Indian rescue teams reported dispatching medication to 40 men who were trapped following the collapse of a road tunnel they were constructing. The frantic efforts to free them have now extended into a fourth day. Excavators have been diligently clearing debris from the site in the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand since Sunday morning, working towards the creation of an escape tunnel for all the trapped workers who are confirmed to be alive.

“After consulting with medical professionals, medication has been dispatched to the workers through pipelines,” stated police officer Prashant Kumar to AFP from the location. He added, “Continuous communication is being upheld with the workers.” No information was provided regarding the health status of the men or the number of individuals affected. Additionally, provisions of food and oxygen have been delivered to the workers who are trapped, as mentioned by Kumar.

On Wednesday, the air force facilitated the arrival of a “drilling machine to expedite rescue efforts,” he remarked.

Government rescue teams shared images shortly after the tunnel collapse, revealing extensive piles of debris obstructing the broad passage. Twisted metal bars from the tunnel’s roof protruded in front of concrete slabs.

Engineers are employing heavy machinery to maneuver a 90-centimeter-wide (almost three feet) steel pipe through the rubble, creating a passage wide enough for the trapped individuals to navigate.

Kumar urged for patience and trust, stating, “We should maintain our composure. I am confident that we will successfully rescue all the laborers.”

The 4.5-kilometer (2.7-mile) tunnel, linking the towns of Silkyara and Dandalgaon to connect Uttarkashi and Yamunotri, two revered Hindu shrines, was under construction.

The tunnel is a component of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s infrastructure initiative, aimed at enhancing travel connectivity between some of the country’s most revered Hindu shrines and regions along the China border.

Concerns from experts have been raised regarding the consequences of extensive construction activities in Uttarakhand, a region prone to landslides.

Accidents on large-scale infrastructure projects are commonplace in India.

In January, a disaster struck ecologically fragile Uttarakhand, resulting in the loss of at least 200 lives due to flash floods. Experts attributed the tragedy in part to excessive development.

Hemant Nayak, a construction worker, recounted being inside the tunnel when the roof collapsed on an early Sunday. Fortunately positioned on the right side of the collapse, he managed to escape. Despite minor instances of dirt falling into the tunnel, initially regarded lightly, Nayak told AFP on Tuesday, “Then suddenly a huge amount of debris came, and the tunnel was closed.”

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