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Meta Set to Launch Web Version of Threads in Effort to Revive Social Media Platform


Threads, the competitor to X (previously known as Twitter), experienced rapid growth upon its launch in July. However, its user base dwindled just as swiftly due to its limited functionality. In a bid to rejuvenate customer interest, Meta has announced the upcoming release of a web version for Threads, aiming to introduce new features.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, shared in a platform post that the web version would be gradually rolled out over the next few days. This version will allow users to post threads, interact with others’ threads, and view their feeds. Yet, certain aspects available on the mobile app will initially be absent from the web version. Notably, users won’t have the ability to edit their profiles or use the direct messenger feature to connect with Instagram, Threads’ sister platform.

Meta intends to enhance functionality in the upcoming weeks, aiming to align the web and mobile app experiences. Threads saw a rapid surge to over 100 million users in its first week but experienced a significant decline in numbers by the end of July.

The announcement of the web version, owned by the tech giant behind Facebook and WhatsApp, is anticipated to reverse this trend. According to Rebecca McGrath, Associate Director for Media and Technology at Mintel, launching Threads in a basic form frustrated users who expected a robust alternative to Twitter. While offering a web version is a crucial step, further improvements are necessary.

One notable deficiency is the lack of a search function, which users and experts have highlighted. To effectively challenge X, Threads needs improved search functionality to help users discover topic-based communities. Tama Leaver, a professor of internet studies at Curtin University, suggests that Meta should implement hashtags, a feature synonymous with X, to entice users back.

Threads’ potential to rival X could be boosted by ongoing controversies surrounding the latter. Criticisms of X’s response to controversial content and plans to remove the block feature have fueled interest in alternatives. According to Rebecca McGrath, these “continued controversial moves” will maintain the demand for alternatives like Threads.

The pressure is on for Threads to evolve quickly, as time remains a critical factor in its success.

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