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Riot Unveils “Sunset” Map at Valorant Champions, the Global Championship Event


Los Angeles, California – Riot Games took the stage during the climactic conclusion of Valorant Champions, the annual world championship for the game, held this Sunday. The gaming giant showcased the all-new Valorant map, “Sunset,” a captivating environment that spotlights mid-control strategies while treating players to stunning visuals and aesthetics.

The curtain was lifted on “Sunset” behind closed doors for the media ahead of the grand finale of Valorant Champions 2023. The tournament unfolded in Los Angeles, where Riot Games is headquartered, culminating at the Kia Forum.

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant city that serves as its backdrop, Los Angeles, as well as one of its freshest agents, Gekko, the “Sunset” map boasts three lanes and two bomb sites, adhering to the classic formula seen in first-person shooters like Valorant. Lead Map Designer on Valorant, Joe Lansford, explained, “Sunset’s mid-section poses a considerable challenge to control, maintaining a level playing field for both teams. It caters to rifle enthusiasts and opens up a plethora of strategic opportunities for the team that claims it. Anticipate both sides making mid-control a linchpin of their tactics on ‘Sunset’.”

The map’s sprawling layout provides an intimate glimpse into the cultural tapestry of Los Angeles. It features bustling food trucks, a congested freeway, graffiti-adorned walls showcasing local artists’ works, and an iridescent sunset that paints the skyline. Lansford revealed, “Our artistic muse was largely the urban canvas right in our own backyard.”

The eagerly awaited “Sunset” map is slated to debut as part of Valorant Episode 7 Act II on August 29. The new Act brings a wealth of fresh content to the game, including an all-new battle pass. As expected, the map will be available to all players without charge. Since its 2020 launch, Riot Games’ Valorant has skyrocketed to become the world’s premier first-person shooter. This tactical, esports-focused game is designed for competitive play, requiring players to vie for objectives, wielding an arsenal of weapons, equipment, and agents endowed with diverse abilities and roles to outmaneuver and outwit adversaries.

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