Home Travel UAE Flight Deals: Special Offers Starting at Just Dh78 for Spontaneous Travelers

UAE Flight Deals: Special Offers Starting at Just Dh78 for Spontaneous Travelers

UAE's Visa-on-Arrival and Visa-Free Travel Options Fueling Spontaneous Travel

UAE Flight Deals: Special Offers Starting at Just Dh78 for Spontaneous Travelers

UAE residents with a spontaneous streak have the opportunity to secure travel deals to various destinations in September, with prices as low as Dh78 to Kuwait, Dh158 to Jordan, Dh318 to Italy, and Dh365 to Greece. According to Skyscanner, a flight, car hire, and hotel marketplace, being flexible with travel destinations and departure dates is key to unlocking these budget-friendly prices. The platform’s flight pricing data revealed deals to more than 15 popular holiday destinations, including Egypt, Jordan, Italy, Greece, and Turkey, all for less than Dh400 for a round trip.

Skyscanner’s research, conducted in collaboration with OnePoll, found that 94 percent of UAE respondents consider themselves spontaneous. Despite the challenges posed by Covid-19, UAE residents still have an average of 14 days of annual leave left to take this year. Approximately 80 percent of respondents claimed to be more spontaneous in their travel decisions now compared to before the pandemic.

The study also highlighted that 42 percent of UAE travelers have arrived at an airport without a specific destination in mind and booked their flights on the spot. Furthermore, 60 percent have booked a holiday less than four days before their departure date.

Skyscanner’s travel expert, Ayoub El Mamoun, emphasized that with the increasing number of flight routes connecting different parts of the world and the growing availability of visa-on-arrival and visa-free travel options for UAE residents, the trend of spontaneous travel is on the rise. The platform offers travelers the convenience of quickly searching for and comparing cheap flights, contributing to the popularity of spontaneous holidays.

To secure the best deals on spontaneous flights, Skyscanner recommends keeping travel dates flexible. By searching for flights on multiple dates and from different airports, travelers can increase their chances of finding budget-friendly options. Additionally, mixing and matching airlines can help reduce costs. It’s not necessary to book round-trip flights; travelers can consider flying with one airline for the outbound journey and another for the return trip or departing from one airport and returning to another.

In summary, UAE residents with a penchant for spontaneity can take advantage of affordable travel deals to various destinations this September. Being flexible with travel plans and utilizing online platforms like Skyscanner can help travelers uncover budget-friendly options for their next adventure.

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