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Explore: The Centuries-Old Charm of Dubai’s Historic Mosque, Standing for Over 120 Years

The splendid Grand Mosque echoes the story of a past era.

by Jamsheera
Historic Grand mosque in Dubai

Nestled in the ancient district of Bur Dubai, the Grand Mosque Bur Dubai has graced the skyline since its establishment in 1900. This venerable place of worship serves as a silent narrator of a rich historical era.

From an external perspective, it manifests as a formidable fortress, showcasing a towering minaret that reaches an impressive height of over 70 meters, rendering it a distinctive and recognizable landmark. Yet, upon entering, the interior reveals itself as a truly enchanting spectacle.

Dar Al Ber Society organizes routine mosque tours, catering to both residents and visitors, with a focus on fostering Islamic culture and promoting tourism.

According to Ismail Lewis Bullock, the head of the mosque experience at Dar Al Ber Society, this place functioned as a ‘Khuttab’—a center for imparting Islamic education and Quranic learning—long before its construction.

Boasting a distinctive architectural design featuring 45 small domes and 9 large domes, the mosque stands as a unique and awe-inspiring sight for visitors. Suspended from the large dome are massive chandeliers that cast a warm illumination across the prayer area, bathing it in various shades of yellow and gray.

Enhancing the interior ambiance are more than 50 pillars crafted in the likeness of ancient wind towers, playing a crucial role in the mosque’s cooling system. The captivating features extend to massive arch windows, surpassing 10 feet in height, and intricate dome artistry. Within the prayer area, 23 rows accommodate up to 1200 faithful worshippers.

Adjacent to the main prayer area, there exists an open space enveloped by restrooms and the ablution section. This area provides a nostalgic journey through time, granting a glimpse into the open courtyards reminiscent of ancient days.

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