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Neom has revealed plans for Norlana, a new coastal community with a focus on wellness.

Norlana: Neom's Wellness Oasis Along the Coastline

by Lafin

Norlana, a newly revealed project by Neom, is poised to become an active lifestyle community within the expansive multibillion-dollar mega city evolving in north-west Saudi Arabia. Nestled along the Gulf of Aqaba coastline, Norlana is designed to accommodate 3,000 inhabitants across 711 properties, featuring mansions, apartments, and beach villas seamlessly integrated into the surrounding mountains. The community’s blueprint includes plans for a 120-berth marina, envisioned as an international hub for superyachts, complete with a yachting members’ club and water taxi services for residents and guests. Adding to its allure, Norlana will boast an 18-hole golf course nestled amidst the mountains, alongside an equestrian and polo center, with additional offerings for sailing and diving.

Emphasizing a commitment to sport, health, and well-being, Norlana also places a strong focus on sustainability, with a dedicated effort to preserve local land and marine environments. This latest announcement follows Neom’s recent unveiling of Leyja, a mountainside valley primarily preserved for nature, and the introduction of luxury destinations such as the hexagon-shaped Siranna hotel and the Epicon hotel, resort, and residences. Additionally, Neom introduced Utamo, an immersive venue for art and entertainment featuring a multipurpose performance space, VIP lounges, and signature restaurants.

Neom, known for its audacious engineering and sustainability vision, envisions Norlana as a key component in its overarching plan for a city that will rival global entertainment and cultural hubs like Miami. The ambitious Neom project, including developments such as “The Line,” a 170km strip of vertical city, reflects Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s determination to prove skeptics wrong and position Neom as a pioneering destination for innovation and sustainable living.

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