Home Life Style PureHealth, a UAE-based company, Acquires UK’s Largest Private Healthcare Group for Dh4.4 Billion

PureHealth, a UAE-based company, Acquires UK’s Largest Private Healthcare Group for Dh4.4 Billion

The acquisition highlights the UAE's growing role as a global leader in delivering high-quality healthcare services.

PureHealth, a UAE-based company, Acquires UK's Largest Private Healthcare Group for Dh4.4 Billion

PureHealth has entered into an agreement to acquire Circle Health Group, the largest independent operator of hospitals in the UK, in a deal worth approximately Dh4.41 billion. This strategic acquisition is part of PureHealth’s global expansion efforts, which include previous acquisitions in the US and plans for entry into other international markets. PureHealth is already the largest healthcare group in the Middle East, and this move signifies its commitment to delivering high-quality medical care on a global scale.

With this acquisition, PureHealth aims to create a network of world-class healthcare providers that offer patients access to top-notch medical care and innovative treatment pathways. The company’s portfolio already includes SEHA – Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, Daman – National Health Insurance Co., PureLab – the Gulf Cooperation Council’s largest lab network, Rafed – Group Procurement Organisation, and Abu Dhabi Stem Cells Centre.

Circle Health Group, the UK-based target of the acquisition, operates the country’s largest network of private hospitals. In addition to offering a broad range of medical specialties, including orthopaedics, oncology, cardiothoracic surgery, and neurosurgery, Circle Health Group is a pioneer in innovative neurological and musculoskeletal rehabilitation services. This acquisition will provide PureHealth with 100% ownership of Circle Health Group’s portfolio, including state-of-the-art hospitals and advanced medical facilities.

The strategic move into the UK market showcases PureHealth’s dedication to expanding its global healthcare network and revolutionizing patient care. This acquisition aims to foster collaboration between medical professionals, enhance the sharing of knowledge and expertise, and promote the use of cutting-edge medical technologies to benefit patients in both the UAE and the UK.

Circle Health Group, which employs over 8,200 professionals and boasts more than 6,500 consultants across more than 50 hospitals, will bring its extensive experience and expertise to PureHealth’s comprehensive health solutions. The acquisition promises to provide a wide array of benefits to the healthcare ecosystem of both the UAE and the UK, ultimately contributing to advancements in medical knowledge, treatment options, and patient care.

Hammad Al Ameri, CEO and Managing Director of Alpha Dhabi Holding PJSC, expressed confidence in the acquisition’s ability to position PureHealth for continued growth and success. Farhan Malik, Managing Director and Group CEO of PureHealth, highlighted the significance of this acquisition in the company’s journey to create a global healthcare network that enhances the quality of life for patients worldwide.

In conclusion, PureHealth’s acquisition of Circle Health Group is a significant step toward its goal of establishing a prominent global healthcare network. This move not only expands the company’s reach but also signifies the UAE’s emergence as a leader in providing top-tier healthcare services on a global scale. Through the collaboration of medical professionals and the integration of advanced technologies, patients in the UAE, the UK, and beyond stand to benefit from improved medical care and innovative treatment options.

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