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Expats Postpone Travel as Airfares to UAE Soar After Vacation

Families are choosing to return in groups or delaying their travel until September due to steep ticket costs.

Expats Postpone Travel as Airfares to UAE Soar After Vacation

Many UAE residents from countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are facing challenges in returning to the UAE after their vacations due to exorbitant airfares. This situation has caused financial strain for many expatriates, leading them to delay their return plans.

One Pakistani expat, Saleem Ahmed, had to cancel and rebook his return ticket, only to find that the airfares had skyrocketed, costing him significantly more than what he used to pay for return tickets.

Similarly, other residents from countries like India and the Philippines are also experiencing difficulties in returning due to the sudden surge in airfares. Many families had planned to return after the school summer break, but the high demand has led to a sharp increase in ticket prices.

For example, Shaffa Shahid, a teacher in Sharjah, had to delay her family’s return due to the unexpected increase in airfares. Despite hoping for a reduction, the airfares continued to rise, forcing her to alter her plans and have her family members travel in groups to manage the cost.

Some residents are even facing challenges related to school attendance. Shamshuddin, a resident of Dubai, had to adjust his children’s return plans to ensure they wouldn’t miss school. However, the high airfares made rebooking difficult, leaving him with no choice but to accept the situation.

Travel industry experts have also expressed concerns about the high airfares, making it difficult for families to afford. Many residents have opted to postpone their travel plans due to the surge in ticket prices.

The situation highlights the impact of the demand and supply dynamics on airfares, especially during peak travel seasons. As airfares rise significantly, residents are faced with tough decisions regarding their return plans and potential school attendance issues.

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