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Google’s Premium Pixel 8 Smartphones Unveil On-Device AI Features for All Users


Google’s Soniya Jobanputra Shares How AI Features in Pixel 8 Smartphones Are Designed for All Users.

Google is making a significant move by introducing an array of new on-device AI features in its premium Pixel 8 smartphones. The company is positioning the Pixel 8 Pro as the “first phone built for the generative AI era,” aiming to take on competitors like Apple’s iPhone 15 and other flagship devices.

Soniya Jobanputra, Director of Product Management at Google, emphasizes the importance of delivering computing power directly on the smartphone. Google achieves this through its in-house custom chip, the Tensor G3, which enhances various aspects of the phone, such as the camera and voice calls. By processing information locally, Google aims to reduce latency and provide faster responses.

At its Made by Google event, the tech giant unveiled several AI-focused features that will roll out to Pixel phones in the coming months. These include the Magic Editor, which uses generative AI for subject repositioning and resizing, an Audio Magic Eraser to remove unwanted sounds from videos, and Video Boost for improved low-light video recording. The Pixel 8 Pro exclusively offers Zoom Enhance, allowing users to zoom in up to 30 times after taking a photo. Google is also integrating its Bard AI chatbot into Google Assistant.

Jobanputra emphasizes that these AI features are designed for everyone, not just creators. Google’s goal is to empower all users with AI capabilities, making features accessible in tools like photo editing.

As part of the broader trend in the tech industry, Google is racing to integrate AI features into its products, with generative AI playing a central role. Large language models, such as those powering Google’s Bard AI chatbot and OpenAI’s ChatGPT, are crucial technologies shaping consumer-oriented products and services.

The Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro feature brighter displays and an upgraded camera system. Notably, they offer seven years of OS upgrades, a significant improvement from previous flagship devices. The Pixel 8 Pro, competing with the iPhone 15 Pro, is priced at Rs 106,999, while the base Pixel 8 costs Rs 75,999. Google is also introducing the Pixel Watch 2 smartwatch in India, which includes features like stress tracking.

Despite these enhancements, the success of the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro in India remains uncertain due to their high price tags and the relatively lower brand visibility of Pixel in the country’s smartphone market, the world’s second-largest.

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