Home Travel Pakistani Vlogger’s Cross-Border Bike Tour of India Captivates Hearts on Both Sides

Pakistani Vlogger’s Cross-Border Bike Tour of India Captivates Hearts on Both Sides

Vlogger Abrar Hassan Chronicles Epic Journey from Kerala to Gujarat and Punjab, Documenting Cross-Country Adventure

Pakistani Vlogger's Cross-Border Bike Tour of India Captivates Hearts on Both Sides
Pakistani Vlogger Concludes Epic India Bike Tour, Showcasing Culture and Hospitality Across States

Abrar Hassan, a Pakistani vlogger, has successfully completed his remarkable journey through India on a bike, covering thousands of kilometers and traversing multiple states. Throughout his adventure, Abrar documented his experiences, offering his fellow countrymen a glimpse into India’s diverse culture, languages, food, and landscapes. In doing so, he not only created lasting memories but also garnered praise from both sides of the border.

Operating his YouTube channel, Wild Lens by Abrar, the avid traveler shares his exciting journeys with his audience. Prior to his India tour, Abrar embarked on bike expeditions in various European countries, including Germany, Austria, Albania, and Croatia. He also rode through Iran, Oman, Turkey, and more.

On April 3, Abrar thrilled his followers with the announcement that he had begun his long-awaited India tour after successfully obtaining a visa. Starting from Kerala, a southern state known as “God’s Own Country,” he showcased the beauty of its backwaters, local cuisine, and the warm hospitality he received from the locals.

Continuing his journey, Abrar captured the splendid palaces of Mysore and explored the breathtaking beaches of Goa, highlighting mesmerizing sunsets along the coastline. In a video shared on Instagram, he shared the enthusiastic welcome he received in Mumbai, with a large crowd gathering and even requesting his initials on their bike helmets. “Yeh hai Mumbai,” Abrar wrote, capturing the spirit of the city.

The Pakistani vlogger also visited Ahmedabad, providing his audience with insights into important landmarks and their historical significance. Moving forward, he ventured into Rajasthan, where he documented the renowned forts and palaces, emphasizing the distinct changes in landscapes as he traveled from South to North India.

In each of his videos, Abrar never failed to mention the warm hospitality he experienced throughout his journey and expressed his delight in meeting Indians from different states. “Every day, I witnessed something different, and the friendliness of the locals made it even better,” he captioned one of his Instagram photos.

On May 28, after spending 30 days and covering a remarkable distance of 7,000 kilometers in India, Abrar crossed the Wagah Border in Amritsar, Punjab, marking the end of his Indian expedition.

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