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Palestinian keffiyehs are rapidly selling out in the UAE as residents demonstrate their support for Gazans.

Local markets are also experiencing a spike in demand for products featuring the design of the traditional scarf.

by Jamsheera
Palestinian keffiyeh in UAE

The UAE is witnessing a rising demand for Palestinian keffiyehs, with an increasing number of residents choosing them as a means to demonstrate solidarity with Palestinians in the face of the ongoing Israeli offensive on Gaza, which has claimed the lives of over 15,500 individuals.

The black-and-white checkered scarf, traditionally worn around the neck or head, has evolved into a potent symbol of Palestinian nationalism, particularly during the 1936–1939 revolt. Originally associated with cultural heritage, the keffiyeh has transformed into a powerful emblem of support for the Palestinian cause.

The demand for these scarves has always been present, but now people are purchasing them as a gesture of solidarity with the Palestinian cause,” he remarked.

Numerous stores in the Deira market have replenished their supplies of these scarves, and traders note that individuals from neighboring and African countries are buying them in bulk for resale in their home countries. “It’s a potent expression of solidarity,” stated Ashif, another vendor in the Deira market.

“There are various ways to wear the scarves—some tie them on their heads, others wear them around their necks, and women typically drape them over their shirts,” Ashif added.

Retail prices for these scarves start at Dh25, with Ashif mentioning, “Prices vary based on the product’s quality, and the most expensive one we have is priced at Dh250.”

There has been a notable upswing in the demand for the traditional scarf in local markets. Abdul Haleem, a salesperson at a store in Deira, remarked, “We have observed a significant increase in the sales of keffiyeh and items featuring that pattern.”

The surge in demand extends beyond just scarves; various products featuring Palestinian traditional keffiyeh prints are also highly sought after. Vendors are adapting to the heightened interest by diversifying their inventory of Palestinian merchandise, which includes key chains, mugs, and the traditional Arabic shawl adorned with keffiyeh prints.

“These shawls are experiencing significant demand. We’ve been receiving substantial orders since last month, and the market showcases a variety of designs. Currently, we have more than seven distinct designs in stock,” reported Abdul Badi, a local vendor at the Deira souk.

Individually, each shawl is priced at around Dh20 in retail. However, for wholesale purchases, Badi mentioned, “It’s Dh160 for a dozen.”

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