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Dubai: Meet the Trailblazing Woman Who Drove Solo from the UK to Nigeria in a Tiny Peugeot 107.

With a steadfast determination to reach her birthplace of Lagos, her journey entailed nearly 74 days of wild camping and a harrowing car crash.

by Jamsheera
Lady travel UK to Nigeria in a tiny peoguet

Pelumi Nubi, a travel enthusiast, embarked on her most exhilarating and potentially hazardous journey in January. Born in Nigeria and raised in the UK, the 29-year-old has achieved a remarkable feat: she is now the first woman in the world to drive solo from London to Lagos.

Motivated by a desire to deepen her connection to her African heritage, Pelumi undertook this epic 12,000km road trip, spanning 17 countries over 74 days. Remarkably, she opted for wild camping throughout the journey to economize.

Covering five to six hours of driving each day, perhaps the most remarkable aspect is that she accomplished it all in a diminutive, 11-year-old Peugeot 107.

A story of resilience

“I wanted to show the world what you can achieve through resilience, determination, and making the most of what’s available to you,” said the Dubai resident.

“When I first started planning the trip, I imagined I would do it in a 4×4. But it was already proving to be an expensive project, and I couldn’t afford a new car. So, I decided to do it in my Peugeot, which I’d kept back in London since moving to Dubai in 2023.”

Affectionately known as Oluwa-Lumi, a phrase that translates to mean “it’s God that lights my path”, Nubi kitted out her car with a custom-built fold-out bed and kitchen area.

Requiring over Dh9,000 worth of petrol, and a lot of careful planning, the journey was tough but filled with amazing new people and places.

“The drives were completely draining. Most people who embark on long journeys like this have a support team, but I was entirely on my own and responsible for all the logistics. Sometimes, I was so tired I would just pull over by the side of the road and take a nap,” she explained.

“There were many times when I doubted whether Lumi would survive the terrains, but we made it. It was the most incredible journey of my life. I set off with the intention of inspiring women to dream big, fostering representation, and showcasing the beauty of Nigeria and West Africa for the world to see. I believe I’ve accomplished all that.”

The numerous highlights of her trip include savoring the cuisine of Senegal, unwinding on the beaches of Gambia, and delving into the wonders of Sierra Leone.

She shared, “I had visited Nigeria before, but only to visit family. I had never had the opportunity to explore West Africa thoroughly, and I absolutely adored the music, the cuisine, and the overall vibe.”

“Another unforgettable memory is riding the sleeper train through the desert of Mauritania. Africa is often overlooked by some travelers, but it boasts an abundance of breathtaking landscapes and experiences. It was an exceptionally memorable journey.”

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