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Dubai Parks Experience Record Visitors in First Half of 2023

Over 15 million individuals have utilized the services and amenities offered by these recreational spaces.

Dubai Parks Experience Record Visitors in First Half of 2023

Dubai Municipality’s public parks, neighborhood parks, lakes, and recreational facilities have achieved a remarkable milestone by attracting more than 15 million visitors in the first half of 2023. This represents a significant increase of 50 percent compared to the same period in 2022, during which around 10 million visitors were recorded.

The distribution of visitors among the various park categories includes approximately 10 million visitors to lakes and neighborhood parks. Among the city’s largest parks, Al Mamzar Beach Park welcomed over 951,000 visitors, Mushrif Park received 701,000 visitors, Creek Park recorded over 658,000 visitors, Zabeel Park attracted 430,000 visitors, and Safa Park had over 153,000 visitors.

Furthermore, several other popular attractions within Dubai saw substantial footfall during this period. Dubai Frame saw more than 884,000 visitors, The Quranic Park was visited by over 710,000 people, Dubai Safari Park received approximately 427,000 visitors, and Children’s City welcomed up to 73,000 visitors.

The rise in visitor numbers can be attributed to the accessibility of these facilities through various modes of transportation. Additionally, the implementation of periodic events and initiatives played a pivotal role in drawing people to these recreational spaces. Of the more than 200 events conducted, 151 were organized by the private sector, 43 were societal initiatives, and 19 were recreational initiatives by the Municipality. These endeavors aimed to create diverse and novel recreational spaces to cater to all segments of the Dubai community.

The services offered by Dubai Municipality form an essential part of its mission to manage and develop public parks, recreational facilities, and attractive destinations across the city. These facilities are equipped with amenities like car parks, seating areas, play zones, walking and picnic spots with BBQ facilities, hiking and cycling trails, horse riding arenas, and sports courts such as tennis and basketball.

Encompassing a vast area of 13 million square meters, Dubai Municipality’s public parks and recreational sites are thoughtfully designed to meet the expectations of both individuals and families. These spaces offer serene landscapes, botanical gardens, and host a variety of events, providing visitors with a chance to appreciate the beauty of the city while enjoying a peaceful environment.

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