Home Travel UAE Travel: Airfares Down by 30%, Residents Seek Extended Vacations

UAE Travel: Airfares Down by 30%, Residents Seek Extended Vacations

Experts suggest that residents prefer an average budget of Dh3,500 to Dh4,500 per person for a duration of 5-6 nights.

UAE Travel: Airfares Down by 30%, Residents Seek Extended Vacations

During the peak of the summer season and school vacations in the UAE, a vast majority of residents took their summer breaks and traveled to various destinations worldwide. However, in August, the cost of holiday packages has dropped significantly, leading to a surge in residents continuing their vacations or extending their breaks.

Airfares in August have been reduced by nearly 30 per cent, making it more affordable for residents to plan extended vacation journeys. Many residents prefer vacation budgets ranging from Dh3,500 to Dh4,500 per person for 5-6 nights, while some are even opting for 10-day getaways.

Family-oriented travel experiences are of great significance for about 80 per cent of travelers planning family vacations. After spending time with loved ones in their home countries during the first month of summer vacation, many families are now willing to embark on another short trip with their children before the school reopens.

The desire for new experiences and destinations, coupled with affordability, has boosted residents’ interest in travel. Previously, home country vacations were common, but there has been a remarkable shift towards opting for two leisure trips combined with visits to loved ones. Many travelers are now choosing premium economy flights and minimum 4-star accommodations to strike the perfect balance of luxury and affordability.

Industry experts have noted that certain destinations like Bangkok, Georgia, Baku, Salalah, Abha, and AlUla, as well as visa-on-arrival countries, are in high demand, offering better flight fares even with a single layover.

Leisure packages have witnessed exceptional growth this year, with over 15,000 packages sold, more than double the pre-Covid numbers. This growth momentum is expected to continue, driving double-digit growth in the coming years.

In addition to affordable luxury, UAE travelers are increasingly seeking adventure sports, cultural immersion, and eco-friendly experiences for themselves and their families, adding unique elements to their vacations. With reduced travel costs and more affordable holiday packages, residents are taking advantage of the opportunity to explore new destinations and create memorable travel experiences.

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