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Explore these five hidden gems in Asia that deserve a spot on your travel agenda.

These less-explored locales boast an abundance of history, heritage, and culture.

by Soofiya

While the crowds gravitate towards Bangkok, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur, Southeast Asia hides numerous cities that captivate with their historical sites, scenic landscapes, and unique cultures.

Malacca, Malaysia
In the 1300s, Malacca was a tranquil fishing village that later evolved into the hub of a powerful Islamic Sultanate, shaping Malaysia’s political system and cultural identity. Today, its streets are adorned with vibrant trishaws, offering a perfect backdrop for social media enthusiasts. Malacca’s Old Town boasts one of Asia’s most photogenic historic districts, featuring a blend of architectural styles from Malay to Chinese, English, Dutch, and Portuguese.

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Hue, Vietnam
Nestled along a serene riverside, Hue stands as one of Vietnam’s most serene and traditional cities. Unlike bustling metropolises, Hue’s charm lies in its low-rise profile, dominated by the impressive Imperial City. This ancient citadel, surrounded by walls, hosts a multitude of palaces, temples, and pagodas, providing a unique glimpse into Vietnam’s historical grandeur. Additionally, Hue’s Imperial tombs, scattered in the forest, offer a captivating exploration of the country’s regal past.

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Cebu, Philippines
A blend of tropical resort and historical time capsule, Cebu is renowned for its picturesque beaches and a rich history dating back 500 years. With ties to Portuguese conqueror Ferdinand Magellan, Cebu played a pivotal role in the introduction of Catholicism to the Philippines. The city preserves historical landmarks such as Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral and Fort San Pedro, offering a glimpse into its colonial past.

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Medan, Indonesia
Influenced by Islamic, Chinese, Indian, and Dutch cultures, Medan in North Sumatra presents a culturally eclectic cityscape. Serving as a gateway to the lush Toba area, Medan features the majestic Maimun Palace, a testament to its Dutch colonial heritage. The Great Mosque of Medan stands as one of Indonesia’s finest Islamic structures, boasting domes and intricate stained glass windows that bathe its interior in colorful light.

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Lampang, Thailand
As the de facto capital of northern Thailand, Lampang offers a compelling alternative to the popular Chiang Mai. With a rich history dating back over a millennium, Lampang unveils its cultural and religious significance at the Museum Lampang. Visitors can explore ancient city walls, the former residence of the Emerald Buddha at Wat Phra Kaeo Don Tao, and soak in the atmosphere along the Ratchadaphisek white bridge and the century-old railway station.

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